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A Story about Creating & Perseverence

The Indigenous tribes people of the Sun, Sand & Wind have inhabited the arid desert lands of the high Amazonia for centuries before the colonization era. According to tradition, weaving and knitting are the equivalent of manifesting thought, it is the medium by which they express creativity, dreams, wisdom, and life as they feel and experience it.


They have been fighting for centuries to preserve their culture and ways. Many indigenous tribes perished or succumbed to foreign influence during the era of the conquistadors. They have endured constant change around them for hundreds of years and have staid true to their beliefs, practices and lifestyle.


 All pieces are entirely handmade; they are family heirlooms like inheriting your ancestor’s dreams, stories and secrets. The women hand crotchet the bodies of the bucket bags, while the men braid the straps. Each being one of a kind and unique, it is their belief that as they crochet each stitch it is giving a meaning to existence through constant creation and the setting of intentions.



As they crotchet, they enter a silent meditative state, and it is believed that all of their dreams, love, aspirations and magic are transmitted to the bags, each containing very special creative energy. This is why we believe that the pieces choose their owners. The bags will speak to you, sort of like love at first sight, it is kismet.  


Legend tells the story of a spider called Wale’ Keru, who taught a tribe’s woman how to knit and weave. As dawn approached hammocks and straps would be ready made, artfully representing elements and symbols, all made by the spider. This woman then taught her daughter, starting a long-standing ancient tradition or artistic inheritance that we know today as Susu Bags.